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Farts loudly

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I have an important Naruto question. I love the characters and am super interested in all of them, every single one!! So much. But, I have such a hard time watching the long fights and stuff. What do I do. I love the characters. Help.

How far into the series are you? I mean it is a fighting series. Maybe try tackling the story by story arcs if the long fights wear you out, with taking breaks in between?

Whenever I see the twewy tag gets 10+ new posts I get hope that we got a sequel announcement


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a chouji 4 david!!! feel better dude (๑ ˊ͈ ᐞ ˋ͈ )ƅ̋

Yeah! Let’s go!




I ended up with a spare sketch after doing the Psychedelifox, so I decided to design my own fox Noise with a red fox color scheme. Got to make up my own tail design and markings!

This is the Symphonifox! Like the kitsune Noise it can summon foxfire to burn its enemies, but…


Ads going up around Japan

Who’s Hype???

pokemon creenpypasta:


hello im an gamer and i love pokemon and i played it when i was a baby.

recently i had seen an old pokemon cardtradge in my garden covered in mrkerpen to say ” ribbed off label”. the starter was mew2 and was 2 trong and uh it killed the pokemon instead of fainting them and then it came out the screen and lavender town music palyed and i was a ghost in game and in real life also so uh yeah thats why i cant go to school today